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Watch this video to learn more about what you can expect with our Dog Crate Plans.

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    Shop for the dog crate plans that will fit both your dogs size and the needs of your home. Instructions for stains and colors are included in your dog kennel plans.

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Do you need a custom dog crate design? Or changes to the dimensions of the above dog crate designs? Please leave a detailed message below and we will be happy to accomodate the best we can.

Fequently Asked Questions About Our Wooden Dog Crate Plans.

What tools do I need to own in order to build a dog crate with your plans?

With any project, there is always a better and best option when it comes to what tools to use. At the least, you will need a saw (mitre or circular) for the cuts, kregg jig (or festool if you are fancy) for assembly, self centering hole jig (unless you access to a drill press) for the holes. For cutting the rebar its nice to have an abrasion saw, or you may can have the peices cut at the store you purchase them.

How hard is it to build the dog crates using your blueprints?

This all depends on your level of experience. Having working knowledge of tools is of course a plus and should be moderate level. If you have done lots of projects and comfortable with the tools already, this should be a breeze.

How much will the dog crate cost if using one of your diy dog kennel plans?

This will obviously depend on the size crate and the prices in your region you live so the range could be $250-$750. It could be a little more if you have to buy a couple tools needed. But the good news is that is a small fraction of price if you are buying a dog crate retail.

What if I need one of the dimensions (Height, Width, Depth) changed from a plan you offer?

Not a problem. When you are purchasing the plan, there is an option for an edit for a very small fee. You may have to wait an additional 48 hours (versus an immediate download) for us to complete the changes and send them to you.